Part-time adventurers, occasional climbers, full-time chilli lovers

    We enjoy anything that gets our blood racing.

    Riding down the hills or climbing up the walls is what we enjoy the most. That’s why we chose Patagonia as our new home.

    Never stop exploring. Never stay still. Keep discovering.

    We love being on the move, discovering new cultures, places, and smells. We’ll never stop exploring the world around us.

    Hunters of woods, loving the forest and its beauty and solitude.

    We’re following Earthship design principles to minimise our impact on the environment and preserve Patagonian wilderness.

    Always experimenting with new foods and flavors.

    Bringing new and exciting flavours to people’s lives is what makes us happy. Our dream is to grow our own food one day.

Making our dreams come true

Embrace the Unknown

The idea of living in a remote corner of the world, surrounded by pristine lakes, rugged mountains and imposing glaciers gradually developed through our strive for a new way of living.

We got increasingly tired of our lives in a stressed city where you constantly rush from one place to another. We refuse to live to go to work, pay a mortgage, have a family (that you barely see) and eventually die with regret. Since we spend most of our free time out and about adventuring, we thought: Why can’t we flip our lives around and spend most of our time doing what we love as opposed to sitting behind a computer? Our decision to move to Patagonia has been driven by our love for the outdoors, the passion for adventure and desire to build our own special place on Earth.

Sharing the Joy of Nature

El Maitenal

We discovered El Maitenal in 2016 on our mission to find a new home in Patagonia. We immediately fell in love with the place and never looked back.

We met Gerardo, the original owner who lived here for 15 years, and spent a couple of long nights over many beers discussing everything about El Maitenal. We’re beyond excited to call this amazing place ours now and can’t wait to start building our dream adventure hub on the property.

As the first step, we’re looking to build a common room for the campground where climbers and other visitors can hang out, cook meals together and share their stories over a drink. We’re looking to apply Earthship design principles to maximise the use of natural resources and minimise our impact on the environment.

Ultimately, we’re striving to build a sustainable center with gardens, greenhouses, ponds, hot tubs, and swings. Watch this space!